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Zhang hongzhe's speech at BBS on industrial transformation and upgrading

Issuing time:2018-04-29 09:30

Dear leaders, experts and entrepreneurs,

Good morning, everyone!

I am zhang hongzhe from henan ruitaike industrial co., LTD. As a young generation of entrepreneurs, I am honored to speak on behalf of enterprises in BBS for industrial transformation and upgrading.

My opinion, originally from henan university I majored in inorganic non-metallic materials, after graduation to enter AnCai group is engaged in the glass furnace design, construction and production management work, often responsible for purchasing glass kiln refractory materials used technical negotiation, check and acceptance, has been no stranger to new ones refractory material industry. 2009 to new ones, AnCai refractory as a general manager for 3 years, aneca ren, vice President of six years, new ones this land and refractory material industry achievement in my career, for new ones and refractory material industry have deep feelings with us.

In the past two years, I have deeply felt the urgent hope and efforts of the xinmi municipal government and the hundreds of billions office to transform and upgrade the industry. Therefore, with the support of friends and investors from all walks of life, on March 19, this year, I officially led the team to undertake the former plant, equipment and other fixed assets of jinghua industrial co., ltd. and started my own business. Today I take this opportunity to share with you my thoughts and struggles over the past 40 days. I hope you can learn something from it.

I call the enterprise Reftech, which means refractory technology. It is hoped that ruitaike enterprises can rely on technology to contribute high value-added products and services to the society.

This period of time, since I've been thinking about a problem, tyco how positioning, how to develop, how to use this platform achievement own a career, and live up to team members and investors infinite trust and support to me. After all, I have not been engaged in the glass refractory industry for 6 years. I need to re-examine this industry to find the right direction and positioning for the development of the enterprise. During this period, I was deeply touched by three things, which finally prompted me to make a long-term plan to position the high-end of new mi and gradually improve it.

The first thing is, in the process of vibration, the production of fused alumina bricks from glass kilns has been eliminated, especially not even hardened alumina bricks from glass kilns this year. Sinica sinica sinica corundum brick is produced by many enterprises which want to produce but have no technical capability. What does it mean to exit in vibration? That means there are more value-added products to be produced than this. It shows the r&d and technical strength of zhenzhong company.

The second thing is, we all know that this year's refractory market is very good, and I feel it. I am often approached by social business people to ask when rityco can start production on a contract. But without exception, they are all asking for the lowest price. A typical example, a salesman with drawings and list directly, tell me the so-and-so ordinary casting products 10500 yuan/ton, no shrinkage of casting 14000 yuan/ton, because believe my strength, first let me willing to contract production, condition is according to the prices of others. I told him the price was too high for materials and electricity. He told me directly that he had a very strong relationship with the other party. I am a cold sweat, an all-oxygen furnace, melting temperature is very high, once a kiln engineer I am not careless, had to push off not to do.

On April 18, the third thing, I go to Shanghai to attend the 29th international glass exhibition, 6 years did not attend, I surprise to us in terms of product added value, and the gap between brothers to guangdong, shandong and other provinces and cities is more and more big. 16 home appliance melting manufacturers are present in the exhibition, 8 are in xinmi, which is basically consistent with our statistics that the output of the country accounts for 50%. However, in the exhibition enterprises of xinmi, only the Oriental ancai production regular-weight kaunyu bricks (relatively high value-added products) can be produced in sharp contrast with other enterprises. In terms of sintering materials, we only have one exhibit in zhongyuan, which is unique in tin groove bricks. However, lingnan stone well in guangdong, jundao in shandong, gongtao, yumin and shenzi in terms of technology, equipment level, and product added value are beyond our reach.

The touch of the above three things made me decide to start from the high-end supporting products of xinmi and gradually catch up with the domestic counterparts, because if we still make the bulk goods, I cannot see the hope of the enterprise.

So I inform the production on April 18, yan always: adjust the production order and first production relatively high-end alpha beta corundum brick, at the same time expand the propaganda, dislocation of form a complete set with new ones most enterprise, avoid a price war. After intense preparation, today ruitaike's gan-aoyang jade bricks were put into production smoothly, and the technology mastered by ruitaike team was 100% sure to ensure a successful production. At the same time, we have also introduced the "incentive policy for the r&d, production and sales of high-end products of ruitaike", and more than 10 products that can't be produced by our company will be put into production successively. It is hoped that with your support, ruitaike will continue to introduce products with high added value of technology and form a dislocation supporting system with local enterprises, so as to set a good example for the transformation and upgrading of xinmi refractory industry.

Today, the 100 billion yuan office and the science and technology bureau have invited experts from the Chinese academy of sciences and the provincial institute of construction and research to give BBS lectures, which have benefited us a lot. In order to transform and upgrade xinmi's refractory industry, it is not the competition between enterprises in our region and themselves, but the competition with enterprises outside the province and international enterprises. As a member of the new miniaturized materials industry, I often have a strong sense of urgency and mission. In my opinion, the competition with other provinces and cities at present is ostensibly about products, technologies and equipment, but ultimately it is about the competition of ideas and talents. I have three Suggestions to share with you:

1. I hope you can take the initiative to learn from other provinces and cities with a more open mind. Take the glass material industry as an example, guangdong lingnan stone well, shandong jundao, shandong gong tao xu nitrite, yu min, shen zi and other enterprises are all examples we need. Of course, our new mi vibration and the central plains are also the role model around us.

2. It is hoped that the municipal government and the hundreds of billions office can formulate the incentive measures for the introduction of practical talents. High-end talents, such as academicians and postdocs, have been introduced. Zhengzhou has detailed policy support, and xinmi has 5 academician workstations. But we dock with the technology of high-end talent, however, there is a fault, hopes to encourage the introduction of theoretical foundations of deep double top university bachelor of material professional students, and have certain experience in material, equipment and kiln engineer, docking with the high-end talent forming technology transformation.

3. Guide enterprises to create a good working environment and stabilize the technical team. Technicians erosion is very serious in recent years new ones, fused brick industry such as chengdu, danyang, xuzhou, bengbu and so on in recent years there are a lot of new ones the mechanic to migrant workers, skilled workers is difficult to establish spirit, makes the high-quality goods. But to be attracted to these skilled workers, we have to create a good employment environment, such as integrity payroll on time, to provide better accommodation environment and labor protection, for employees to pay social security medical and accident and so on.

To conclude, I wish the transformation and upgrading of industry development BBS "success, want new ones of refractory material products under the guidance of the municipal government, billions of bigger, stronger, billions of target can be realized at an early time, thank you!

Spokesperson: zhang hongzhe

April 28, 2018


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