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Chairman zhang hongzhe and his delegation attended the 29th glass exhibition in Shanghai 2

Issuing time:2018-04-18 00:00

From April 19 to 20, chairman zhang hongzhe, general manager assistant liu xinrong and chairman secretary zhang tianying attended the 29th China international glass industry technology exhibition in Shanghai.

Chairman of the meeting, a line of positive visited main big famous customers and peers, met with dozens of industry experts and friends, understand customer's new requirement, the new dynamic, colleague's new development of the industry, to promote enterprise products, discuss business cooperation and development, harvest quite abundant.

Exhibition sponsored by the Chinese society of silicate glass, the 29th China international exhibition on glass industrial technology (hereinafter referred to as China glass show) on April 19 ~ 22, 2018 held in Shanghai new international expo center. The exhibition was founded in 1986, after more than 30 years of cultivation and development of China's glass exhibition has become internationally renowned professional exhibitions with full independent intellectual property rights, is China's most commercially in the glass industry platform for the exhibitions, technical exchange and trade negotiation, ranks the world's second largest glass exhibition.

Henan ruitaike industrial co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as ruitaike), formerly zhengzhou jinghua refractory industrial company, was established in June 1991 and located in xinmi city, henan province. The products of the former Beijing hua company are complete, covering various types of refractory materials such as electric melting, sintering, light quality and amorphous shape. Strong technical strength, with more than 100 patents of various technologies; The service industry is numerous, in glass, steel, metallurgy and coke industries have good performance.

In March 2018, the reformer was renamed as ruitaike, and the enterprise was repositioned as: it is specialized in providing the best quality refractories for glass kilns and providing the integrated service of all-oxygen combustion technology. There are fused materials plant and special materials plant, the main production of fused alpha beta Al2O3, fused alpha Al2O3, fused beta Al2O3 zirconium, zirconium fused high brick, fused mullite, fused mullite, fused AZS41 # # #, AZS36 and AZS33 products, as well as sintering zircon, sintered AZS sintered zirconium mullite, corundum mullite, mullite and sillimanite and other products. Ruitaike testing, research and development, life and leisure facilities complete, convenient transportation. The company has formed a high-quality management and operation team, established a perfect quality control system and management, pay attention to talent introduction and brand building, pragmatic development, with output technology, standards, and strive to become a brand as the core competitiveness of the international first-class enterprise.

Chairman a row first visited kaisheng group design institute, Shanghai, qinhuangdao JiChi, Sorg, Horn, south bo, bo, xinyi glass, and the north bo mainly large customers, understand customer needs and dynamic project. We visited complete oxygen furnace supporting service providers such as airproducts, honywell, Anderson, okintai, shunding astaike and duer, and discussed cooperation on all-oxygen combustion. Visited industry benchmarking enterprises: RHI, Vesuvius, heap, guangzhou lingnan (ishii), zibo tao, zibo xu glass, the central plains, the new century, luoyang resistant ocean, AnCai east, far east, monarch, he and shen Zi, learn from each other serious discussion enterprise development experience, understand the latest development of the industry.

And borrow the opportunity, with the letter, the xing, FuLiXin and Germany all the corporate communications such as the fused alpha beta Al2O3, fused zirconium mullite and fused mullite product differentiation, such as supporting the supply problem, and the philharmonic trade, rongsheng, tianyang foreign trade and e-commerce benchmark companies such as the communication cooperation. At the same time, chairman zhang hongzhe also had the opportunity to meet with the old leaders, old friends and old colleagues of the former ancai group who came to the exhibition and reported on the development of the enterprise, which was encouraged and supported by everyone.


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