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Ruitaike successfully passed the "quality, environment, safety" three systems certification

Issuing time:2018-08-17 14:56

On August 15, 2018, Beijing Zhongda Huayuan Certification Center officially issued to Henan Ruitaike Industrial Co., Ltd. three major certification certificates: Quality Management System Certification Certificate, Environmental Management System Certification Certificate and Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification Certificate, marking that the management system of Ruitaike has been in compliance with Meet the requirements of international and national standards.

Henan Ruitaike Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ruitaike) is a high-tech enterprise with high-quality refractories R&D, manufacturing and sales, and oxygenated combustion glass furnace integrated services as its core business. Its headquarters is located in Xinmi City, Henan Province, the capital of refractories in China. Retaike was founded in 1991 as Zhengzhou Jinghua Refractory Industry Company (hereinafter referred to as Jinghua Company), with a long history, a complete range of products, strong technical strength, a large number of service industries. The products cover a wide range of products, such as electric melting, sintering, light and amorphous, with more than 100 major patented technical achievements, in glass, steel, metallurgy and coke and other industries have a good performance. In March 2018, it was reorganized as Henan retech Industrial Co., Ltd.

After the reorganization and establishment of Retaico, we have absorbed the essence of Jinghua and gathered the wisdom of the industry elite to build a professional manufacturer of high-quality refractories and oxygenated combustion glass furnace integrated service provider. Its main products and services are: 1. High-grade refractories for glass furnace. Including: casting series of alpha-beta corundum, beta-corundum, high-zirconium, zirconium corundum (AZS 41 #, AZS 36 # D, AZS 33 # D), chrome corundum and chrome-zirconium corundum brick, sintering series of high-zirconium (heavy and light), zircon, AZS, zircon-mullite, corundum-mullite, mullite and sillimanite brick, as well as supporting castables, ramming materials and sillimanite bricks. Fire clay and so on. 2. Special refractories for metallurgy. Including: melting and casting a-corundum brick for magnesium electrolytic cell, melting and casting wear-resisting brick (melting and casting mullite, zirconium mullite, zirconium corundum), as well as high-zirconium filter, sintered high-zirconium brick (light and heavy), corundum brick, burning filling material and so on. 3. The design, construction, refractory materials and equipment manufacturing of the all oxygen combustion glass furnace.

Since its inception, Retaico has gradually established a sound corporate governance structure and relevant management standards and operating standards in accordance with the requirements of Mr. Zhang Hongzhe, Chairman of the Board. In April 2018, Retaike invited teachers from Beijing Zhongda Huayuan Certification Center to enter the enterprise to carry out standards, guidance, auditing and certification work in three major systems of quality, environment and safety. With the joint efforts of both sides, the expert group was approved in early August and the certificate was obtained in August 15th.


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