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Current trend of glass kiln refractory application

Issuing time:2018-04-18 00:00

The word "current" of electronic industry and computer industry changes can be read as a few months or even weeks, when it comes to refractory material development and application of the glass industry, it is easy to be interpreted as five or ten years. Based on this concept of time, we will review and discuss the changes that have taken place in the latter area (at a more conservative pace) "currently."

The change and development of refractory have three main driving forces. The first is the need for glass manufacturers to at least maintain and generally improve the quality of the glass. The second is the economic requirements of glass kilns to make them run longer, and the third is the impact and impact of pure oxygen combustion system. These three requirements usually determine the choice of improved refractory for kiln repair. These drives have also prompted glass manufacturers to choose improved refractory products for furnace maintenance and new technologies for extensive maintenance during the operating cycle.

Molten cast alumina brick has been established for its application in the top of the melting pool, mainly in the pure oxygen burning pool furnace melting high quality glass. Before the advent of pure oxygen combustion technology, only silica bricks were used for the upper structure of the molten pool, and no fused cast alumina bricks were used for the top of the molten pool. Today, whether beta ˉ alumina or alpha beta alumina melt casting products are in use in the production of color TV (screen and cone), float glass and boron silicate glass furnace pure oxygen combustion pool some or all of the roof. Fused cast AZS brick generally can use up to 1600 ℃ or 1600 ℃ (depending on the glass), electrically fused alumina brick roof can be successfully run under 1700 ℃. This has created better conditions and greater flexibility for glass manufacturers to produce refractory glass.

Over the years, molten cast AZS roofs have successfully withstood the test of cooling and reheating to enable them to operate over multiple cycles. Now I have accumulated some experience and successfully implemented the top cooling and reheating of the electrofused alumina furnace, which shows greater economic vitality when using two or more operating cycles. The results of electric melting alumina furnace roof observation (thermal observation and stop observation) show that these materials have both chemical stability and mechanical stability. This is the earliest observation and research on this kind of masonry, because at that time there was no reference material of electrofused alumina, and there was no empirical basis for its application in the top of the furnace.

High chromium refractory used to be mainly used in reinforced glass furnace, and a small amount in thermal insulation glass pool furnace. Nowadays high chromium brick is being used more and more by some sodium calcium glass pool furnace. Its main use has been not only limited to all or part of the shunt fluid hole, but also used for the end wall and to a limited extent for the feed hole corner bricks. High chrome bricks have a potential color hazard for their composition, so that high chrome products are often incompatible with very "white" glass. Originally used mainly for tinted glass, but now high chromium products have also been successfully used in transparent container glass poolers. The amount of high-chrome products used in glass furnaces depends in large part on the design of the flow hole, the cooling of the flow hole, the daily output of the pit furnace, and the operation of the furnace. A glass manufacturer may use high chrome bricks for full cover and the end wall of the melting pool. High chrome brick fluid-flow holes offer the potential to increase furnace life because the material is at least twice as resistant to erosion in most glass as AZS melted bricks. However, some design and operating parameters are different from fused AZS bricks, which require discussion with the supplier.

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