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The trial production of high-end products has been carried out smoothly, filling many technical gaps in xinmi

      In accordance with the "high-end products, form a complete set of dislocation," the guiding ideology, in May 2018, tyco entrepreneurial teams promoting high-end products and batch trial production of new products and remarkable achievements, filled the gap in new ones more technologies.

Around the whole oxygen burning glass kiln using key refractory, rui tyco in organization experts summarizes on the total oxygen kiln using the experience of domestic and international main refractories manufacturers, on the basis of technical route and the superiority, the company, the process is obtained. The products were manufactured in two batches, i.e., smelting ganyu brick no. At the same time, in view of the different working conditions of the full-oxygen burning beaker brick, the supporting refractories of light quality high zirconium (rtk-hz-3.0), fused alumina mullite (rtk-cm) and high aluminum (rtk-ha) were developed. Around the metallurgical special refractories, trial production of metallurgical electrolysis cell fused cast alpha corundum brick, furnace (slide bricks and the steel tank) using zirconium mullite, zirconium mullite and corundum series wear-resisting brick, and just the jade and zirconium mullite casting stone special regenerative ball. More high-end products and trial production of new products and got xinmi leaders at all levels, inline doyen old experts and friends from all walks of life, as well as suppliers and customers the support and care, tyco entrepreneurial teams motivated. Xinmi organization deputy secretary, city level make billions of new refractory material industry base, deputy director of the office of the leading Su Jianzhong lead the industry and commerce, environmental protection, the ministry committee and other functional departments leader to visit the company gave a warm encouragement, ask for each department support to the development of red tyco, creating a good outer environment. Li qisheng, chairman of zhenzhong company and a member of the 10th National People's Congress, came to ruitaike to give cordial guidance on product positioning and development direction. Wei guozhao, vice President of China refractory association and chairman of Orient group, came to ruitaike and put forward pertinent Suggestions on corporate culture and corporate publicity. Industry Liu Baochen, jian-tao zhang, Huang Guozhen, Zheng Gexia, GuJinYong, FanHaiJiang, FanQingXiao etc. More than 100 entrepreneurs and management, technical and business personnel for the first time to visit tyco, for trial production, equipment modification, and marketing and other aspects put forward many pertinent opinions. Customers in puyang, anyang, kaifeng and other provinces in qinghai, tianjin, zhejiang, Shanghai and shanxi have given market and order support. According to the authoritative test, the physical and chemical indexes, crystal composition and appearance quality of the above products tested by ruitaike have all reached the advanced level in China. Rui tyco in accordance with the "five" (diversifying, intelligent equipment, management standardization, operation standardization, high-end products) management policy, trial production, summarising the transformation and ascension, technology, products, personnel and equipment matching gradually straighten out. In June, tyco will muster, development and manufacture of glass kilns of fused cast different product of form a complete set (including the hanging wall brick, brick octagonal cone, basin, feeding, material rods, stir bar and burner brick, etc.), as well as glass fiber kiln with fused cast high chromium zirconium brick, corundum brick and chromium zirconium corundum brick, etc. Above, after the completion of the trial production, tyco will become the whole oxygen combustion glass kiln, glass fiber kiln and metallurgical special fused cast refractories most complete category, fill the blank of the xinmi electroslag casting refractory technologies.

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