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Introduction to the chairman Zhang hongzhe, male, from nanyang, henan province. Graduate student degree, senior engineer, economist, xinmi specialized technical talented person, materials science and engineering college of zhengzhou university part-time teachers, henan rui tyco industrial co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors. In 2001, I graduated from shaanxi university of science and technology, majoring in inorganic non-metallic materials. In 2008, I graduated from nankai university with a master's degree in business administration. 2001-2007, worked in ancai high-tech co. (600207SH), working as a glass kiln operator, engineer, designer, etc. From 2008 to 2017, worked in xiaoyi corporation (sz. 002225), AnCai refractory (ancai high-tech subsidiary), aneca (ANNC, NASDAQ) three refractory well-known companies, such as any design office, sales secretary, general manager, vice President, etc.; In 2018, henan ruitaike industrial co., LTD. Was established, specializing in providing the best refractory products and technical services for glass kilns. Zhang Gongzhe is domestic first to participate in the introduction, digestion, absorption of Philips (Philips), Corning (open) and short (SCHOTT) and so on Europe and the United States company total oxygen combustion technology and advanced smelting technology of glass kilns of one of the experts. During his work in the glass industry, he gave full play to his expertise in kiln technology and refractory application, and took part in the design, construction and production commissioning of several electronic glass kilns in ancai group. At the same time, involved in the Qingdao bo far hon, nanjing, anhui antai, hangzhou blue star, the hing photoelectric science and technology and the far east, such as the first domestic more than 10 full oxygen glass furnace design, construction, supply and commissioning of the guidance work and so on, are well received by industry insiders. During working in refractory industry, its application and give full play to the technology of kiln, fire-proof material and enterprise management expertise, pragmatic dedication, pioneering and innovative, well received by people inside and outside the line. As the youngest xinmi technology talented person and the first through the national certification of senior professional managers, often invited to participate in industry transformation and upgrading of the BBS, meeting, now has more than 20 technical patents. At the same time, pay close attention to refractories industry cluster development in henan, the author of the refractory enterprises of henan region of entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial behavior research, such as research papers, has repeatedly invited to report to the Chen Runer governor of henan province and China academy of engineering kuo-chih Chou industry innovation, visited cafe for hospitality industry. For example, li luan, chairman of ancai group, peng shou, chairman of China building materials group, Marco Olszewsky, President of RHI China, and President of RHI glass division, Doesinger. Attachment: zhang hongzhe works in glass and refractory industry In October 2004, I communicated with zhang chunxi and SCHOTT, experts of ancai kiln, at the construction site of ancaixinyi phase ii all-oxygen glass kiln In October, 2004, Yin yuxiang, director of the all-oxygen glass kiln workshop of ancai xinyi phase ii, attended the ignition ceremony of the all-oxygen glass kiln of ancai In October 2009, I was invited to participate in the ignition ceremony of Qingdao taibo qfg-2 ultra-white line all-oxygen glass kiln. In September 2010, after technical exchange with chairman Lin boxiong and general manager wang xibo luyun of Qingdao taibo glass furnace In June 2011, during the trial production of nanjing yuanhong phase ii, I worked with general manager sun zhonghuai and general engineer wu liunian In June 2011, anhui antai no. 2 all-oxygen glass furnace construction site, with chairman shen jincai, director huang binghua photo In June 2011, construction site of nanjing yuanhong phase iii (hangzhou blue star) In December 2016 and April 2017, I reported the transformation and upgrading of refractory industry to governor Chen runer twice In April 2016, I accompanied Chinese engineering academician zhou guozhi on his investigation In May 2010, I introduced the development of the enterprise to li liuen, chairman of ancai group and minister of the provincial government In April 2010, I accompanied peng shou, chairman of China building materials co., LTD., on a visit In June 2011, I accompanied Marco Olszewsky, President of RHI China, and Clause Doesinger, President of glass division In October 2014, I participated in the 57th international fire-resistant material BBS in Germany with professor sun gengchen, an expert in materials resistance.

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