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On July 10, 2018, the first foreign order was negotiated and signed. In June 2018, zhang hongzhe was awarded the title of "zhengzhou outstanding entrepreneur" for his outstanding achievements in enterprise transformation and upgrading. In June 2018, the first domestic order was negotiated and signed. In May 2018, the trial production of low silicon, low sodium and mullite was successful. In April, 2018, the smelting and casting prunus quadrangle jade brick was successfully produced. In April, 2018, after equipment and plant renovation, the electric melting material production line started trial production. In March 2018, zhengzhou PuFeng enterprise fund management company, founded by a number of industry management and technical experts for tyco industrial co., LTD in henan province, and carries on the Beijing headquarters of the main factory building, equipment, technology, performance and the advantages of the mechanic, second venture, the main production of glass furnace refractory material. In 2017, in order to revitalize idle factories and equipment, through mediation by the court, Beijing hua company will use the right to use fixed assets and intangible assets to repay part of the creditor's debt. In 2014, due to the impact of the economic crisis, the operation of Beijing huahua company stalled due to the heavy debt burden and tight capital chain. In 2012, two new high-standard electric refractory production lines were put into production. In 2011, xinjiang jinghua refractories co., LTD was established to produce high aluminum, clay and amorphous refractories for the northwest market. In 2009, zhang was awarded the title of henan model worker. In 2009, zhengzhou jinghua refractory engineering co., LTD was established, mainly engaged in project design, construction and general package. In 2006, henan jinghua refractory technology co., LTD was established, mainly producing shapeless refractory. In 2006, zhang was invited to the political consultation committee of henan province. In 2005, zhengzhou jinghua kiln refractory co., LTD was established, and the company organized the production of sintered refractory. In 2005, zhang songshan was awarded the model worker of zhengzhou city. In 2004, zhang was awarded the model worker of xinmi city. In 2004, the silicon production line was put into production. In 2003, high-viscosity production line was put into production. In 2000, passed ISO9001 quality system certification. In 1996, the first electric melting refractory production line was put into production, which was listed as the key project of the city. In 1995, the trademark "jinghua" was registered successfully, and the "jinghua" brand gradually gained national reputation. In 1994, the reform of shareholding system was completed. In 1992, the mechanical pressure molding line was put into production, and the mechanism produced products such as clay, high aluminum and phosphate bricks. In 1991, zhang songshan presided over the establishment of Beijing hua refractory material factory (from Beijing hua yuan, xiaoji town, xinxiang). On June 24, the foundation was laid.
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