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The national hotline:0371-69883888
Address:chaohua section of mizhou avenue, xinmi city, henan province
Corporate culture

I. corporate mission
It is specialized in providing the best refractory products and technical services for glass kilns and contributes to the development of glass industry.
Ii. Corporate vision
It has become a refractory platform company with export technology, standard and brand as its core competitiveness.
Keep your eye on the target and focus on improving the summary of key assessment results
3. Business policy
Take Beijing China essence collection industry wisdom to create a first-class enterprise
4. Management policy
"Three speak three don't speak", that is to say oneself don't speak others, speak the internal cause not to speak the external cause, speak subjective not to speak objective
V. principles of employment
Thick DE relentlessly resourceful
6. Team spirit
Tolerance to share
Pragmatic innovation
7. Work attitude
                                                                                    Work style
                                                                                                    Henan ruitaike industrial co. LTD
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Ruitaike & Reftech Ltd
Focus on the quality of fire-resistant materials and manufacturing and distribution
Ruitaike & REFTECH LTD

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chaohua section of mizhou avenue, xinmi city, henan province