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   Henan ruitaike industrial co., LTD is a collection of high quality refractory materials research and development production and sales, and total oxygen burning glass kiln integration services for the core business of high-tech enterprise, the headquarters is located in the world of refractory material, mi county of henan province.

Ruitaike, formerly founded in 1991, zhengzhou jinghua refractory industrial company, has a long history, complete product categories, strong technical strength and numerous service industries. Products covered the fused, sintering, light and not finalize the design, and other products, has more than 100 main patent technology achievement, in multiple industries such as glass, steel, metallurgy and coke with good performance. Affected by the macro-economy, since 2015, the operation of Beijing hua company has been stalled due to excessive debt burden. After mediation by the court, with support from the local government, in March 2018, zhengzhou PuFeng funded enterprise management, business management and technical experts co-founded tyco industrial co., LTD of henan province. Rui tyco to undertake the jinghua company main plant and equipment, inherited the jinghua company nearly 30 years of technology, performance and the advantages of the mechanic team, founded by reforming the fused materials plant, special factory and equipment manufacturers. Ruitaike is a professional manufacturer of high quality refractory materials and integrated service provider of all-oxygen combustion glass furnace. Its main products and services include: 1. High quality refractories for high grade glass kilns (especially all-oxygen combustion glass kilns and glass fiber kilns). Include: casting series of alpha beta corundum, high beta corundum, zirconium and zirconium corundum (AZS41 #, AZS36 # D, AZS33 # D), chromium and chromium corundum, zirconium corundum brick, high sintering series zirconium (heavy and light), zircon, AZS zirconium mullite brick, corundum, corundum mullite, mullite and sillimanite brick, and form a complete set of castable, the ramming material, fire clay and so on. 2. Special metallurgical resistant materials Include: magnesium electrolysis cell fused cast alpha corundum brick, fused cast wear-resisting brick, fused mullite, zirconium mullite, zirconium corundum), etc., as well as high zirconium filters, sintered zirconium brick (light and heavy), corundum brick, castable, etc. 3. Design, construction, refractory materials and equipment manufacturing of complete oxygen burning glass furnace. Ruitaike advanced equipment, melting casting line with first-class resin sand, automatic weighing ingredients, automatic electric furnace, silicon aluminum hollow ball insulation and fine processing assembly system. Complete r&d and testing facilities. It can meet the needs of enterprises for on-line inspection and regular monitoring of incoming raw materials, online products and ex-factory products, as well as new products r&d and trial production. Ruitaike factory area beautiful environment, convenient transportation, life and leisure facilities. The factory covers an area of 40000m2, close to mizhou avenue, 3km from shangdeng expressway exit, 5km from shangdeng expressway exit and 15km from zhengsholuo expressway exit. Rui tyco to perfect corporate governance mechanism, took the lead in the industry to launch the equity incentive, super bonuses, innovation fund series such as incentive mechanism, formed a high-quality management, technical and management team, pay attention to talent introduction, technology innovation and brand building. The core team is pragmatic and pioneering, striving to become a fire-resistant material platform company with export technology, standard and brand as its core competitiveness. Mr. Zhang hongzhe, chairman of the company, together with all the staff, warmly welcome all circles at home and abroad, new and old friends to visit and guide us with our products and services to keep improving.
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