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      Henan ruitaike industrial co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as tyco) formerly known as zhengzhou jinghua refractories industrial company (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing company), founded in June 1991, is located in the henan xinmi. Through the untiring efforts of the entrepreneurial team, has developed rapidly, the Beijing company owns Beijing industry, Beijing furnaces, Beijing science and technology, and a number of companies in Beijing, xinjiang, the product category is complete, covers the fused, sintering, light weight and amorphous refractory; Strong technical strength, with more than 100 patents of various technologies; The service industry is numerous, in glass, steel, metallurgy and coke industries have good performance. Due to the stagnation of the over-burdened operation of the debt, through the mediation of the court, jinghua company used the right to use fixed assets and intangible assets to repay part of the creditor's debt. In March 2018, zhengzhou PuFeng enterprise fund management company, founded by a number of industry management and technical experts for tyco industrial co., LTD in henan province, and carries on the Beijing company main plant and equipment, at the same time inherited jinghua company for nearly 30 years of technology, performance and the advantages of the mechanic. By integrating ruitaike, we have set up an electric melting material factory and a special material factory, which is specialized in providing the best refractory products and technical services for glass kilns. Fused materials plant: use the original two 8 tons of automatic control of electric furnace, supporting the whole resin sand mould workshop, automatic weighing ingredients workshop and fine processing and assembly workshop, a beautiful environment, advanced equipment, the main production AZS41 # # #, AZS36 and AZS33 products. After renovation, production was resumed in April 2018. Special materials plant: 5 tons automatic control of electric furnace one on the new, and matching the corresponding mold workshop, workshop ingredients and processing workshop, specializing in the production of fused alpha beta Al2O3, fused alpha Al2O3, fused beta, Al2O3, fused high zirconium brick, fused mullite zirconium and fused mullite bricks and other special fused materials. At the same time, xinshang sintering material production line is used to produce zirconium quartzite, sintered zirconium mullite, sintered AZS, mullite and silicate. Ruitaike has complete facilities for testing, research and development, living and leisure, and convenient transportation. It is close to the mizhou avenue, 3km from the shangdeng expressway exit, 5km from the shangdeng expressway, and 10km from the zhengsholuo expressway exit. Tyco has formed a high-quality management and operation team, established a perfect quality control system and management, pay attention to talent introduction and brand building, pragmatic development, with output technology, standards, and strive to become a brand as the core competitiveness of refractory platform company. Mr. Zhang hongzhe, chairman of the company, together with all the staff, warmly welcomes friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to visit and guide us.

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